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A Lifetime of Music

Brendan Young is a 27 year old Nashville recording artist and BMI songwriter out of Birmingham, AL, whose “native genre” - as he likes to put it - is Country music. Even though his favorite is country, in live gigs you can hear him croon Elvis, rock some Bon Jovi, and do a little bit of everything else in between; from classic rock to pop, he does it all. Brendan has been playing and singing for over 20 years, and has been seen starring in the Country On The Lake show aboard the Showboat Branson Belle in Missouri, as well as opening for big names such as Taylor Hicks and James LeBlanc. Outside of professional engagements, he's been playing gigs and entertaining thousands over the past 6 years.

He started out life living in rural Oneonta, Alabama, until the age of 10. It was during this time in his life that he discovered the joys of music, and started learning to play guitar. Finding lessons too formal after a few years of trying different teachers, Brendan wanted to get past all the theory and musical rules that were slowing him down from getting to the heart of his desire: to play music. He began learning by ear, and developed his own drive to perfect the techniques that eventually started him out playing bluegrass. Over time, his love of bluegrass - and it’s influence in his musical journey - led him to start writing and performing country.

Brendan’s love of country music, and his talent for it, eventually led him to be offered a position as the last artist starring in an all star country and rock show aboard the Showboat Branson Belle in Branson, Missouri, with him and 5 other artists performing daily, backed by an incredible 5 piece band. He performed on the Showboat for almost a year in 2017; he is now back in Birmingham, Alabama, where he is focusing on writing, playing new venues, booking events, and pushing himself - and his music - to be better than ever, along with continuing to grow as an artist.

His sound is a perfect balance between old and new country, with influences ranging from older artists like George Strait and Waylon Jennings, all the way to modern artists like Josh Turner and Chris Young. Currently moving up the country charts in the Birmingham area, Brendan is becoming widely known for his musical talent. Currently out, Brendan has 2 EPs, each containing all original music, and his 3rd CD is currently in the works.